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    200RDS Federal Champion Training Ammo 9mm Luger 115 gr Brass Cases FMJ WM5199 4 boxes of 50 rounds. Each round is brass cased, non-corrosive, and has a 115 grain FMJ bullet. This is currently manufactured ammunition, and the brass cases are reloadable. Will not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, New York, D.C., Chicago, California or any other restricted areas. Buyer is responsible for knowing if they are eligible to purchase this ammunition based upon their location/age restrictions. Buyer assumes all liability for ammunition and agrees to not misuse it in any manner. PAYMENT METHOD REQUIRED is Visa/Mastercard or Discover Card thru the gunbroker checkout system with a 3.5% charge back for credit card use.
  • 22LR 500rounds. 22LR Brass ammo 22LR. 500rounds boxes

  • Buy Hornady .30-30 Winchester 150

    INTERLOCK BULLETS: The American Whitetail Ammunition InterLock bullets feature exposed lead tips for controlled expansion and hard-hitting terminal performance. Bullets used in American Whitetail ammunition feature our pioneering secant ogive design and exclusive InterLock ring – a raised ring inside the jacket that is embedded in the bullet’s core that keeps the core and jacket locked together during expansion to retain mass and energy.
    POWDERS: Loaded to conventional velocities, powder is matched to each load for optimum pressure and consistency, ensuring each load is compatible with semi-autos as well.
    CASE AND PRIMER: Like all Hornady ammunition, our American Whitetail rounds use the highest quality cases and primers available. Consistent components translate to consistent shooting in the fiel.
    The Hornady InterLock bullet is designed to be a devastating hunting bullet and nothing less. The InterLock Ring, An American Whitetail Ammunition Hornady exclusive, ensures that the hard-alloyed lead core and tapered jacket remain locked together during expansion. The resulting bullet retains more mass, energy and momentum after impact and transfers that energy into the target. It is this reliable stopping power that has earned the InterLock a worldwide reputation as a bullet for the serious hunter. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

  • Quantity – 20 rounds per box
    Manufacturer – Underwood
    Bullets – 230 grain jacketed hollow point (JHP)
    Casings – Boxer-primed nickel-plated brass

  • Quantity – 50 rounds per box
    Manufacturer – Federal
    Bullets – 230 grain versatile hollowpoint (VHP)
    Casings – Boxer-primed brass

  • Due to popular demand, we have brought back our 45/70 Government load that is ideal for deer at < 100 yards. The reason for its name, “The Goldilocks Load,” is that its recoil is JUST RIGHT. Falling between our low-recoil, Trapdoor safe load (1,410 FPS from a 18″ barrel) and our potent, high power load (2,054 FPS from an 18″ barrel) this round outperforms the low-recoil load at longer distances without making your shoulder sore.

    Compared to our high power load, impact velocities between 0 and 70 yards will produce a more controlled bullet expansion with greater weight retention and potentially less meat damage. Velocity from 18″ barrels is 1,830 feet per second.

  • This 45/70 uses our new 325-grain solid brass flat point and prints an average 5-shot group of 1.9″ inches at 100 yards. Feeds through all lever guns with ease and its relatively mild recoil makes it easy to shoot accurately. Take advantage of our limited-time price and give these a try!

    • Solid brass projectile
    • New Starline brass
    • Premium powder
    • 1,911 FPS (18″ barrel)
    • 500 Rounds


  • 45-70 Government 400gr SPFN

    This is our all-purpose 45/70 hunting load.  This load is capable of cleanly taking deer, elk, and moose-sized game.  The Speer soft point is proven to expand uniformly while providing more than adequate penetration on all but the largest brown bears.  The cartridge overall length is < 2.545″ so they run smoothly through all lever guns.

    Recoil with this 400 grain jacketed bullet falls between our trapdoor safe loads and our High Power load.  It can be described as a moderate push- compared to the more abrupt recoil felt when driving a lighter bullet significantly faster.

    • 1,610 FPS (18″)
    • 400 grain Soft Point Flat Nose Speer
    • 500 Rounds
    • New Starline Brass
    • Hodgdon (smokeless) Powder
    • 45/70 Government (modern and strong actions only)

    Like all of our 45/70 loads- accuracy is impressive and reliability is unmatched.

    Note: This load will not chamber freely in Henry single shot rifles due to relationship between throat length and bullet profile.

  • 45-70 Government 405 grain RNFP

    This is our favorite 45/70 load for casual plinking.  These bullets are custom made with a softer alloy that is ideal for the lower pressure and velocity of a proper Trapdoor load.   If you are a purist and can’t wrap your head around shooting jacketed Trapdoor loads…this one’s for you.



  • This is our lighter recoiling 45/70.  It is safe in all firearms (in good condition) chambered for this caliber.  This includes the Trapdoor Springfield.  It is loaded with the same 300 grain Hornady JHP used in our full strength 45/70.  Velocity is 1,410 FPS from 18″ barrels.

    This load is used by our customers, with great success, on deer-sized game up to 100 yards.  It is also finding its way in cowboy action shooting circles as well as your local shooting range.  We receive calls on a regular basis asking how we achieved this level of accuracy with such mild recoil.  If you love the nostalgia, ballistics, looks, and feel of a 45/70 (or all of the above) without the stout recoil of our full-powered load…give these a try.

    500 Rounds- 1 case of 10 x 50 round boxes

    • New Starline brass
    • Hodgdon Powder
    • Boxer Primed, reloadable
    • Hornady jacketed hollow point
    • Safe in all 45/70 rifles
  • Magtech ammunition prides themselves on being a world leader in engineering some of the best ammunition available in the market today. As one of the oldest manufacturer’s in the world, they have produced billions of rounds of ammunition in a variety of calibers, weights and styles. Magtech lives by these three standards; The innovation is clear, The workmanship is evident, The quality speaks for itself.

    Magtech First Defense Tactical 50 Round Box

  • Quantity – 50 rounds per box; 10 boxes per case
    Manufacturer – Remington
    Bullets – 115 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
    Casings – Boxer-primed brass

  • Quantity – 150 rounds per box
    Manufacturer – Winchester
    Bullets – 115 grain full metal jacket (FMJ) M1152
    Casings – Boxer-primed brass
  • ACR Rifle

    The ACR Rifle (Adaptive Combat Rifle) is the creation name for a refreshed. Adaptation of the Masada Adaptive Combat Weapon System. It is an attack rifle stage plan by Magpul Industries of Erie, Colorado. In late January 2008, Bushmaster went into an authorizing concurrence with Magpul. Whereby Bushmaster would assume control over creation, future turn of events, and deals of the Masada. Order ACR rifle online.

    The rifle was at first evolved over a time of five months. It was there to supplant the M16 totally free of government subsidizing. Models were shown at the 2007 SHOT Show in Orlando, Florida. Initially in for discharge in the second quarter of 2008. Bushmaster put on May 16, 2008, that the buyer delivery would be defer until Q1 2009. Inferable from an emphasis on military projects. On November 18, 2008, Bushmaster to deliver an explanation saying, “The ACR Rifle is being the upgrade to be a better contribution than vie for the cutting edge US Army infantry carbine. The subcompact weapon prerequisite and will be accessible to choose clients in 2009.

  • High speed, low drag. Lighter than a typical .308, the superior ballistic coefficient of the 6.5mm projectile allows this round to remain supersonic farther downrange, meaning that trans-sonic destabilization is delayed and accuracy is a given.

    Order today!

  • When your life depends on the reliability and accuracy of the ammunition you are shooting, there is only one choice, American Quality Ammunition. This .308 Winchester ammunition features a 147-grain projectile capable of traveling at 2690 fps, producing 2362 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle. This ammunition is a great choice for plinking at the range, target shooting and personal protection.

    American Quality Ammunition was formed in 1981 to meet the stringent needs of law enforcement agencies on the West Coast. Each round is hand inspected and every lot is velocity and pressure tested, making this ammunition unsurpassed in both the LE and commercial markets. American Quality Ammunition is proudly made in America by American’s who believe in only producing quality products.

    These full metal jacket .308 cartridges do not expand on impact, making them best for target practice, range training or plinking. The 250 rounds of ammo comes in reloadable brass casings, which can take your dollar farther. These cartridges are made of all Mil-Spec brass with a dull finish and some color variation; this brass will not appear the same as the commercial version of new brass. As with all Mil-Spec brass, there will be a variety of different headstamps.