Pedersoli Howdah Hunter 20-Ga Pistol


Pedersoli Howdah Hunter 20-Ga Pistol is a pistol With twin barrels packing a one-two wallop, this big-bore pistol was fashionable Europeans exploring the vast jungles of India and Burma within the mid-1800s. On a typical excursion, explorers and soldiers were a part of an elephant caravan. Riding on a howdah (the basket perched atop an elephant) may look safe in today’s world, but a century ago danger was real. Tigers could scale the side of a slow-moving elephant within the blink of an eye. To combat surprise attacks, the Howdah-style side-by-side pistol was created. Two cavernous 20-gauge smooth bore barrels are often loaded with buckshot, one slug, “buck and ball”-load common in big-bore muzzle loaders used on dangerous game. Squeeze one among the triggers, and you will appreciate the hand-conforming checkered walnut grip, and therefore, the recoil-soaking end-cap counterweight. Its case-hardened lock plates are engraved with tailed wild animal scenes. Optional shoulder stock also available. Classic pistol with side by side barrels reproducing the Anglo-Saxon guns’ style used for the hunt within the last half of the Eighteen hundreds within the far colonial territories and India.

During the primary period of British colonial government in India, the Howdah pistols for his or her power and reliability were preferred by the officers of the English army within the distant outposts of the wide empire, but the most used was at close range to prevent dangerous wild animals like the tiger which were known to leap upon the Howdah atop the elephants back. The Howdah name is the palanquin mounted on the elephant. The locks are embellished with engraving featuring wild animals within their natural habitat, case-hardened color finish. The walnut stock has two checkered sections to grant a firm, comfortable, and stable grip because of the counterweight butt plate. Similar with cased guns of English tradition, the gun is additionally offered during a mahogany with accessories.

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Technical details: The stock may be a three-quarter stock w/checkered stock. 58 caliber double barrels, blued, tapered round – .985 at breech to .825 at muzzle. Front sight may be a brass bead. Barrel is 11 1/4“ long . Uses #11 percussion caps. Features color casehardened steel furniture which incorporates locks, butt cap, wedge plates, trigger plate, trigger guard & tang. Engraved lock plates (Rhino & scrolls on one – Leopard on other). Scroll engraving on hook breech tang & trigger plate. Overall length of pistol is eighteen 1/2“. Uses a 1/4X28 nipple (NP1365).

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