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  • 45-70 Government 400gr SPFN

    This is our all-purpose 45/70 hunting load.  This load is capable of cleanly taking deer, elk, and moose-sized game.  The Speer soft point is proven to expand uniformly while providing more than adequate penetration on all but the largest brown bears.  The cartridge overall length is < 2.545″ so they run smoothly through all lever guns.

    Recoil with this 400 grain jacketed bullet falls between our trapdoor safe loads and our High Power load.  It can be described as a moderate push- compared to the more abrupt recoil felt when driving a lighter bullet significantly faster.

    • 1,610 FPS (18″)
    • 400 grain Soft Point Flat Nose Speer
    • 500 Rounds
    • New Starline Brass
    • Hodgdon (smokeless) Powder
    • 45/70 Government (modern and strong actions only)

    Like all of our 45/70 loads- accuracy is impressive and reliability is unmatched.

    Note: This load will not chamber freely in Henry single shot rifles due to relationship between throat length and bullet profile.