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  • Buy Hornady .30-30 Winchester 150

    INTERLOCK BULLETS: The American Whitetail Ammunition InterLock bullets feature exposed lead tips for controlled expansion and hard-hitting terminal performance. Bullets used in American Whitetail ammunition feature our pioneering secant ogive design and exclusive InterLock ring – a raised ring inside the jacket that is embedded in the bullet’s core that keeps the core and jacket locked together during expansion to retain mass and energy.
    POWDERS: Loaded to conventional velocities, powder is matched to each load for optimum pressure and consistency, ensuring each load is compatible with semi-autos as well.
    CASE AND PRIMER: Like all Hornady ammunition, our American Whitetail rounds use the highest quality cases and primers available. Consistent components translate to consistent shooting in the fiel.
    The Hornady InterLock bullet is designed to be a devastating hunting bullet and nothing less. The InterLock Ring, An American Whitetail Ammunition Hornady exclusive, ensures that the hard-alloyed lead core and tapered jacket remain locked together during expansion. The resulting bullet retains more mass, energy and momentum after impact and transfers that energy into the target. It is this reliable stopping power that has earned the InterLock a worldwide reputation as a bullet for the serious hunter. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.


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  • The Glock 21 Gen 2 is a full-size striker-fired handgun chambered in 45 ACP. Perfect for duty use, self-defense, and tactical applications, the G21 series has a legendary reputation for being solid and dependable. This pistol is in very good condition overall, with some slide marks on the right side. Purchase includes the original Tupperware case, one 10-round magazine, and two 13-round magazines.

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    PPU’s Match line ammunition is designed for precise shooting at both short and long ranges. Its exceptional accuracy is the result of special production and control processes that demand holding very narrow tolerances. It uses reliable primers for extreme consistency and carefully chosen powders for loading, ensuring uniform ballistics. This 223 Remington features a 75 GR hollow point boat tail bullet and comes packaged 20 rounds per box, 50 boxes per case.

  • Built for big bucks, Winchester® Deer Season XP® delivers massive knockdown power like no other polymer tip. The Extreme Point bullet features an oversized impact diameter, delivering greater impact trauma, better energy transfer, and larger wound cavities for faster knockdowns. If it’s brown, it’s down.

    • Large-diameter polymer tip accelerates expansion resulting in rapid impact trauma
    • Streamlined profile for flat trajectory and energy retention
    • Tapered jacket for lethal penetration
    • Alloyed lead core is optimized for maximum energy transfer and impact power

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