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  • This is our lighter recoiling 45/70.  It is safe in all firearms (in good condition) chambered for this caliber.  This includes the Trapdoor Springfield.  It is loaded with the same 300 grain Hornady JHP used in our full strength 45/70.  Velocity is 1,410 FPS from 18″ barrels.

    This load is used by our customers, with great success, on deer-sized game up to 100 yards.  It is also finding its way in cowboy action shooting circles as well as your local shooting range.  We receive calls on a regular basis asking how we achieved this level of accuracy with such mild recoil.  If you love the nostalgia, ballistics, looks, and feel of a 45/70 (or all of the above) without the stout recoil of our full-powered load…give these a try.

    500 Rounds- 1 case of 10 x 50 round boxes

    • New Starline brass
    • Hodgdon Powder
    • Boxer Primed, reloadable
    • Hornady jacketed hollow point
    • Safe in all 45/70 rifles