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  • Pre-owned Gerber Harley Davidson 90th Anniversary Knife 1 Of 500 Made Full Paperwork.

    This knife is freaking gorgeous, only 500 made. Made in the U.S.A. by Gerber for Harley Davidson to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the most famous motorcycle name in the world. Did I mention there are only 500 of these. The blade is high carbon steel that has been bue chromed with gold and silver etch. The handle is Pink Ivory wood, the inlay oval is Mammoth ivory over 2000 years old. Now for the icing on the cake. This is a complete set. By that I mean, Outerbox, display case, display plaque, inside foam inserts, description sheet, information sheet from Fiskars/Gerber and certificate of authenticity. It even has the original bill of sale form Harley Davidson of Omaha, dated 11/23/93 for the sum of 1000.00. As Sam Ash said “Come get some” but you better hurry because some is only one. The brass has tarnished, I did not clean it as I wanted to the the knife as it was when bought.

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