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  • UPC ECOM00132016 Caliber 5.56 Finish NOT SPECIFIED Capacity 30+1 ROUNDS Weight NOT SPECIFIED Action SEMI AUTO Frame Material NOT SPECIFIED Slide Material NOT SPECIFIED Barrel Length 16 BARREL Receiver Material NOT SPECIFIED Receiver Finish NOT SPECIFIED

  • The Kel-Tec Sub-2000 is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 9mm or 40 SW. It accepts most popular handgun magazines while a 16 barrel is adorned with a hinged ghost ring rear sight and a removable windage and elevation adjustable post front sight. The Sub-2000 rifle folds down to a 16.25 by 7 area.


    Action Semi Auto – Caliber 9mm – Magazine SW MP – Finish Blued – Sights Fixed – Accessory Mount Picatinny Rail M-Lok – Twist 116 – Barrel Length 16.25″ – Barrel Threads 916-24 – Overall Length 29.25″ – 30.5 – Weight 4.25 lb. – The polymer of the weapon is made of an impact modified glass reinforced Zytel. Two integrated Picatinny rails come standard on the SUB-2000 forend for mounting compatible accessories. The forend also includes five mounting slots per side configured for various M-LOK accessories. – The stock can be adjusted to three different positions for shooters comfort. Each position adds approximately 58 of an inch to the overall length of the weapon with a total extension of 1.25 inches in the further rearward position. The stock includes a single point sling loop attachment a slot for adding a nylon sling loop (1.25 wide is ideal) and a Picatinny rail on the bottom for adding small accessories. – The SUB-2000 features a push-bolt safety located behind the trigger on the grip assembly. The bolt can be locked in the rear position by cycling the bolt to the rear and rotating the operating handle up into the cutout on the receiver. The rear sight is of aperture type and the AR style front sight can be adjusted for windage and elevation. – The thread protector on the SUB-2000 is removable if the shooter desires to replace the thread protector with a compatible accessory for the 916-24 threads. The SUB-2000 can easily be disassembled for cleaning or inspection without tools.

  • Pedersoli Howdah Hunter 20-Ga Pistol is a pistol With twin barrels packing a one-two wallop, this big-bore pistol was fashionable Europeans exploring the vast jungles of India and Burma within the mid-1800s. On a typical excursion, explorers and soldiers were a part of an elephant caravan. Riding on a howdah (the basket perched atop an elephant) may look safe in today’s world, but a century ago danger was real. Tigers could scale the side of a slow-moving elephant within the blink of an eye. To combat surprise attacks, the Howdah-style side-by-side pistol was created. Two cavernous 20-gauge smooth bore barrels are often loaded with buckshot, one slug, “buck and ball”-load common in big-bore muzzle loaders used on dangerous game. Squeeze one among the triggers, and you will appreciate the hand-conforming checkered walnut grip, and therefore, the recoil-soaking end-cap counterweight. Its case-hardened lock plates are engraved with tailed wild animal scenes. Optional shoulder stock also available. Classic pistol with side by side barrels reproducing the Anglo-Saxon guns’ style used for the hunt within the last half of the Eighteen hundreds within the far colonial territories and India.

  • The M&P15-22 SPORT features a 10-inch M&P slim handguard that incorporates the popular Magpul M-LOK system. The M-LOK system allows rifle owners to easily customize their M&P15-22 SPORT by adding accessories without removing the handguard. It comes with removable Magpul MBUS front and rear folding sights are lightweight and durable, further enhancing the performance and value of the M&P15-22 SPORT.

  • TCR22 ™️Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle consolidates plan developments from the 21st Century with demonstrated plans from the last. The tcr22 rifle comes outfitted with a co-marked Magpul composite stock with an olive-dreary green completion. The stock has a full single handed grip plan, an ergonomic front end, shaped sling-turn studs, and a M-Lok connection point on the lower part of the front end.